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How to join or login and add content

For joining

Option 1

Click on website's top most right button named "Join or Login". Also, you can see the "Join or Login" on home page.

(Choose profile-type "individual" or "non-individual".

"Individual" is for persons. "Non-individual" is for organizations, Institutions, departments, hostels, popular pages requiring anticipating large no. of followers, etc.)

Fill all the fields in the form and don't leave fields with asterisk (*) symbol.

Option 2

you may choose "facebook connect"  for instant joining. It takes few seconds. 


For Login

Enter your credentials for "username and password" by clicking "login".

(You can also enter "email-id" in place of "username").

Alternatively, you may click "facebook connect"  for login.


For adding content

You need to login first.

See "top menu" items or hit "bottom menu's " + " symbol.  

All are self explanatory. 

For ex. if you wish to add "conference/seminar/workshop" Click EVENTS in menu bar.

For more info on adding event, follow