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How to add or edit events in


For adding content in the website, you must sign-up.

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You may take help from the forum regarding sign-up


Adding event procedure 

Login with your username (or E-mail id) and password.

Click EVENTS in menu bar.

Then, you find ADD YOUR EVENT +  on the right side. Click "continue". (Alternative to this step: Bottom menu " + "symbol. Then click "Event")

Fill the form with

1. details of event,

2. media files (logos, photos, brochures, etc.),

3. privacy settings.

Basic details of the event include title, description (copy paste last dates, topics, fees, significance of event, publications, etc. from your event website ), start or stop dates, urls, address/locations, tags


Editing event

After adding event with basic details, go to the event and see actions block. Click edit.

Add photos, logos, etc. and many using actions block.

All your events are here:

Go to your profile and click "events".

Alternatively, you may click link below.